Jamal Musiala Reveals Lionel Messi’s Unfulfilled Promise- “I No Longer Wanted To Go Into Their Locker Room”

Lionel Messi is an icon for many soccer stars. The player has created so many expectations that he can sometimes leave you disappointed. Moving away from Europe, the Argentine captain has left one of his promises unfulfilled. And this time, one budding youngster, Jamal Musiala, seems to be on the receiving end. In a recent revelation, the German talent explains how he missed a chance to create a memorable moment with Messi.

Receiving certain memorabilia can give you great contentment. And coming from Lionel Messi can make your day. Despite having an opportunity, Musiala could not exchange his jersey with the star because of his procrastination. In an interview with Marca, Musiala said, “In the second leg, I asked Leo for his and he told me that we exchanged it in the locker room,” stating that the former PSG star postponed the exchange. The opportunity came during FC Bayern’s round of 16 clash versus PSG, which went begging.

Subsequently, Musiala stated, “But then… we were celebrating the victory with the fans. I arrived late in the locker room, and I didn’t want to go into their locker room so as not to disturb them, so I didn’t ask him for it again.” It was potentially the last chance for the German, as Messi could never play club soccer in Europe again. Earlier, in the first leg, Alphonso Davies successfully acquired the World Cup-winning captain’s jersey. But the 21-year-old had to settle with Neymar’s jersey.


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Nevertheless, he could secure at least one of his idol’s t-shirts. Jamal Musiala also revealed that it was Messi and Neymar whom he idolized growing up. He loved Neymar for his skills and mazy tricks, confessed the German international.

Musiala’s deep admiration for Lionel Messi is mutual

Lionel Messi may not have given his jersey, but the talisman has expressed his support for Bambi. In the recent Ballon d’Or ceremony, revelations came in that Messi voted for Jamal Musiala as his first choice for the Kopa Trophy. It was a surprise as Lionel Messi pushed his former FC Barcelona teammate, Pedri, to the number two spot, leaving the four-time German champion in awe.


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Despite all the appreciation, the star would like to emulate the Inter Miami captain’s career. Musiala has already scored 43 goals and provided 30 assists in his career and is considered one of the best dribblers in world soccer. Competing with the likes of Jude Bellingham, the German would like to add more trophies to his cabinet this year by winning the Champions League and the Euro 2024. However, his ambition to exchange the jersey with Messi appears to be a dream.

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