After Threatening Noah Lyles’ Records, Track Sensation Quincy Wilson Marks Yet Another Milestone to His Name

Quincy Wilson shines again! This time, the occasion has been the high school relay event under the banner of Penn Relays. The 16-year-old American prodigy completed his relay in an unbelievable timing of 44.37 seconds. Eventually, the concerned 4x400m relay event among the American high school students couldn’t hold Quincy’s school on the top tier. But that couldn’t deter the teenager from passing his baton as fast as possible. As per Rori Dunk’s IG post, this is the fastest high school split. Such an endeavor was expected from the Bullis’ standout. 

In this track and field season, Quincy Wilson marked several records. Among them, he might keep his timings breaking Noah Lyles’ record closer to his heart. 

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