Bermuda Olympic Association Appoint Palacio

Maya Palacio has been named as Team Bermuda’s Media and Content Coordinator and Olympic Attaché, overseeing all official social media content for the Paris Olympics.

A BOA spokesperson said, “With 3 months to go before the start of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the Bermuda Olympic Association is pleased to announce Maya Palacio as Team Bermuda’s Media and Content Coordinator and Olympic Attaché. Maya is an independent journalist and content creator who gauges the pulse of the community through her creative and engaging content. Maya is a journalist, videographer, graphic designer, sports marketer, and collaborator. Recently she has been training under Akil Augustine, producer and sideline reporter for The Raptors NBA team while studying media literacy and sports media/videography.

Maya Palacio Paris Olympics Bermuda Media & Content Coordinator Bermuda April 2024

“Maya will oversee all official social media content for the Games which will include athlete updates, Olympic Village happenings and interesting stories related to Bermuda’s participation in the XXXIII Olympiad. As leading content creator, Media Maya will bring experience and precise focus while crafting compelling narratives by engaging our audiences across various media channels. With a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in English, Maya brings expertise, accuracy, ethics, and integrity to her work. She informs and highlights her interests in sports, culture and community in a unique style that is both vibrant and entertaining.”

Chef de Mission, Katura Horton-Perinchief, states, “The globe has moved towards content creation and media engagement through honest and open storytelling and what better subject matter than Bermuda’s Olympians? Maya’s ability to openly and honestly profile and create around the incredible achievements, experiences and sacrifices of some of Bermuda’s best athletes will be an incredible asset to the team. We look forward to having her use her expertise to profile our athletes and their entourages and engage our most important fan base, Bermuda’s public for the duration of the Olympic Games.”

The spokesperson said, “The Paris Olympic Games begins July 26th and will run through August 11th, 2024.”

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