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CariGenetics congratulated the Bermuda Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Incorporated on another triumphant Kappa Classic tournament.

A spokesperson said, “Special recognition goes out to the nine victorious teams: WFA Valencia [U7 Girls], Devonshire Colts Orange [U7 Boys], WFA Inter [U9 Girls], North Village Red [U9 Boys], BFLA Black [U11 Girls], FCB Blue [U11 Boys], PHC [U13 Girls], FCB Blue [U13 Boys], and WFA Santos [U15 Boys].

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“As the Official Health and Wellness partner, CariGenetics was honoured to present the MVPs from each team with a special gift bag that included a Gut2Know test among other prizes, celebrating their outstanding achievements. The gift bags are a testament to CariGenetics’ commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles across all ages.

“This year, CariGenetics took a significant step in educating Bermuda’s youth by distributing essential information about gut health to all 1650 athletes participating in the tournament. Understanding the importance of gut health is fundamental in maintaining overall wellness and enhancing athletic performance. Gut health is crucial in children by bolstering their immune system and optimizing nutrient absorption whilst also enhancing athletic performance by improving energy levels and recovery times.”

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Dr. Carika Weldon, founder of CariGenetics, expressed her gratitude, stating, “We are incredibly thankful to the organizers of the Kappa Classic for their continuous efforts to enrich our community. It is a privilege to be the Official Health and Wellness Partner and to support an event that not only fosters athletic excellence but also instills healthy habits among our young athletes. Establishing a healthy gut from young sets up our children for a healthy gut and overall health in their adulthood, instead of trying to repair damage done in early years for the rest of their life. We look forward to continuing this partnership and further contributing to our community’s well-being.”

Nigel Burgess, Chairman of The Kappa Classic said, “As Chairman of The Kappa Classic, I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished in this year’s tournament. The Kappa Classic has always been about more than just competition; it’s about community, development, and fostering a spirit of health and sportsmanship among our youth. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the teams who participated, with special commendations to the nine winning teams for their exceptional performance and sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

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“We are also profoundly grateful for the support of CariGenetics as our official health and wellness partner. Their involvement has enriched the experience for everyone, not only by recognizing the achievements of our young athletes with thoughtful gifts but also by educating them on the importance of health and wellness. CariGenetics’ commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles through actionable knowledge is a perfect match for the spirit of The Kappa Classic.”

The spokesperson said, “CariGenetics remains dedicated to its mission of encouraging a healthier lifestyle among children and adults alike through innovative health and wellness solutions. The success of this partnership highlights the positive impact of community collaboration and the shared commitment to nurturing the potential of Bermuda’s youth.

“For more information about CariGenetics and our initiatives, please visit here.”

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