Netball: BNA Youth & Senior League Results

The Bermuda Netball Association held a host of matches this weekend, with youth and senior teams in action.

Under 11 Division

Phoenix Sparks and the NPS Hotsteppers took to the court, K’ah Seymour and Azariah Scott were named the Phoenix Sparks Co-MVP, while Scott was also named the Best Attacker with Amara Samuels and Zaria Musson named the Best Defenders.

Tamirra Richardson was the NPS Hotsteppers MVP, the Best Attackers were Sophia Odouri and Lyon Simons, with Sochi Outerbridge named the Best Defender.

The Storm and the North Village Lady Rams battled, Priya Dill was named the Storm MVP, and Best Defender, with the Best Attacker named Hailey Odouri.

Jayla Woodley Herbert was named the North Village Lady Rams MVP, Dani Brown was named the Best Attacker, and the Best Defender was named Xen Bourne.

Under 14 Division

Phoenix Embers defeated the Storm 19 – 11, Co-MVP, and Best Attacker Hailey Trott led the Phoenix Embers with 19 goals, Sanaa Grant was also named Co-MVP, while Jaya Dillas and Kree Holdipp was named the Best Defenders.

Co-MVP Malaysia Furbert led the Storm with 8 goals, while Co-Best Defender Naomi Crofton added 3 goals, Day’asha Dill was named Co-MVP, with Nailah Barclay named the Best Attacker, while Jayla Ible was named Co-Best Defender.

Under 17 Division

Storm defeated North Village Lady Rams Red 40 – 30, Best Attacker Anisa Seon led the Storm with 30 goals, MVP Jamir Hatherley added 8 goals, and Rhianna Reddicks added 2 goals, Amayah Burt and Deontae Scott were named the Best Defender.

Arianna Sabir scored 22 goals for the North Village Lady Rams Reds, J’zari Zuill-Dillas added 8 goals, Zipporah Grant was named the MVP and Best Defender, while Nevaeh Swan was the Best Attacker.

Senior Division

Phoenix defeated the North Village Lady Rams 55 – 30, Best Attacker Danielle Raynor led Phoenix with 49 goals, Sydney Santos added 6 goals, Kiante Lightbourne was named the Best Defender and Ayanna Wolffe was the MVP.

Darrika Simons scored 20 goals for the North Village Lady Rams, while Best Attacker Coriah Simmons added 10 goals, Nevaeh Swan was named the teams MVP, and the Best Defender was Hayley Cann.

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