Veve vs Pitman a must watch in the SSN Round 2 

23 April, 2024

                                                                                                                                       Round 2 of the Suncorp Super Netball League (SSN) took place, with many intentional match-ups capturing the crowd as Vixens and Fever ended the weekend the two unbeaten sides.

On the first day of Round 2 the international netball family, tuning in on NetballPass, were kept biting their nails with two extremely close contests between Firebirds and Giants, and Vixens and Thunderbirds.

The return of Australian Diamond Jo Weston to Vixens’ was essential to their victory; the goal defence was introduced to the game in the second quarter and straight away impacted the flow of Thunderbirds, stopping them from being able to pull away.

The game remained neck and neck leaving it up to another Diamond, this time Kiera Austin, to make a difference and that she did as she showed her class and sunk a last-minute shot for Vixens to take the win 54-53.

Firebirds vs Giants followed a very similar pattern, with Firebirds using their home advantage to push them on to a three-goal victory.

The fierce contest involved international matchups not to be missed with Tonga’s Hulita Veve playing WD for Firebirds against England Rose, Chelsea Pitman to name one.

At the Netball World Cup 2023 (NWC2023) Veve finished 3rd in the interceptions charts, with 23 intercepts to her name and she looks on task to be achieving similar stats in the SSN this season, as she almost silenced Pitman with her immense pressure, as she made three interceptions, four gains and one turnover.

Day two of the SSN did not bring as close of contest with West Coast Fever and Swifts instead marking their dominance from the first whistle to ensure they both took home wins.

Fever vs Lightning brought a dual not to be missed, with Jamaican Sunshine Girl Jhaniele Fowler-Nembhard against her former Fever captain, Australian Diamond Courtney Bruce.

It is fair to say Fowler-Nembhard did not miss a beat against her ex-team mate shooting at 97% as she scored 66 goals including three Suncorp Super Shots as her team went on to win 81-56.

Finally, things went from better to worse for the new kids on the block Mavericks’ as they were dealt their second defeat of the season this time to the hands of Swifts.

England Rose Helen Housby proved the difference in this one as she scored 6 early Super Shots for Swifts, Housby then went on to score one further Super Shot before the end of the game as well as 9 goals helping her side power ahead and beat Mavs 67-56.

You can catch up on all this weekends matches on NetballPass now.

To view all the results, the current table, and read our International Player Watch preview, visit our SSN page here.

In Round 3 the international Netball Family will be able to watch:

  • Lightning vs Thunderbirds
  • Mavericks vs Fever
  • Firebirds vs Swifts
  • Giants vs Vixens

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