World Lacrosse selects officials for 2024 Women’s U20 Championship

World Lacrosse today announced the on-field officials selected for the World Lacrosse Women’s U20 Championship, set for August 15-24 in Hong Kong, China. 

The 38 officials represent 12 nations and three Continental Federations. The World Lacrosse’s Officiating Committee helped to select the group of officials in consultation with National Governing Bodies and CFs based on the officials’ quality and past performance in internationally sanctioned events.  

The group of officials will be supported through the championship by a team of educators who will mentor, evaluate and assess their performance. Leading up to the event, the individuals will continue to officiate in their home countries, attend online workshops, undergo fitness testing and take rules exams ensuring that they are best prepared for the championship. 

Each official selected for the championship has a WL1 or higher certification, in line with World Lacrosse’s recent efforts to develop an officials’ certification program to ensure a consistent standard across world championships. Newer officials matriculated from the program in recent months. 

The 38 officials can be found below, listed alphabetically first by country and then name, followed by the team of off-field personnel. 

On-Field Officials  
Julie Ames  Australia 
Amy Basile  Australia 
Susan Milne  Australia 
Kellie Morley  Australia 
Natalie Owens  Australia 
Tammy Varga  Australia 
Nicole Voysey  Australia 
Seraphine Aelterman  Belgium 
Lyndsay Brooks  Canada 
Hanna Burnett  Canada 
Lindsay Palmer  Canada 
Daniela Peskova  Czech Republic 
Paul Bibby  England 
David Morris  England 
Anika Altenhain  Germany 
Joyce Tai  Hong Kong, China 
Joyce Tong  Hong Kong, China 
Corina Mahorn  Jamaica 
Mami Kimura  Japan 
Sakiko Matsumato  Japan 
Jun Nochi  Japan 
Erika Ojika  Japan 
Yuko Okubo  Japan 
Hitomi Sakamoto  Japan 
Yume Ueki  Japan 
Yasuko Yamada  Japan 
Annika Lie  Netherlands 
Nicole Goode  New Zealand 
Cheryl Anstotz  United States 
Jessica Borghoff  United States 
Lorma Capili  United States 
Larry Carr  United States 
Dave Dunham  United States 
Jessica Lowrance  United States 
Mike Miller  United States 
Anna Sunseri  United States 
Lisa Volland  United States 
Jenn Whelan  United States 
Off-Field Personnel 
Cheryl MacNeill  Canada  Leadership 
Mara Wager  United States  Leadership 
Marisa Di Bari  Canada  Educator 
Lenka Peskova  Czech Republic  Educator 
Sachiko Goto  Japan  Educator 
Shihoko Tsuji  Japan  Educator 
Lissa Fickert  United States  Educator 
Rena Whitehouse  United States  Educator 

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